• Any amount is appreciated!

  • Online donations are preferred. To donate online, you simply need to go through the PayPal link to the right or by visiting the JFAMC website.
  • If you’d rather donate by mail, checks may be made payable to CodingwithConfidence, L.L.C. and sent to: CodingwithConfidence, L.L.C. 

        PO Box 4545

        Wichita, KS 67204-4545

The Coding with Confidence, L.L.C. scholarship program committee which is made up of volunteers who are currently experts in the field of coding, billing, and/or healthcare will play a vital role as to who will be awarded a scholarship. 

How do I donate to the scholarship program?

Who Can Apply?

  1. Those interested will send a formal request including name, email address, and phone number to codingwithconfidence@gmail.com.
  2. In addition to the request for application, applicant will need to submit a 2-3 page letter describing why they would like to be considered and awarded a scholarship.
  3. Once the request and letter are received, the applicant will be sent an email which will include an application that will need to be completed and resent back to codingwithconfidence@gmail.com.
  • Individuals possessing a High School Diploma or GED equivalent or higher education.
  • Those who are serious about their education, and who want the opportunity to change their life and/or career choice. 

How To Apply:

Individuals chosen to receive a scholarship will have the opportunity to complete a coding course through Coding with Confidence, L.L.C., and prepare to sit for the CPC examination. Scholarship funds will be paid to CodingwithConfidence, L.L.C. for the sole purpose of providing education and furnishing the recipient of the scholarship(s) with the necessary tools to be successful in this program including:

  • A 1-year membership to the AAPC

  • A one-time payment for the exam

  • Current year coding books (CPT, ICD-10-CM, HCPCS)

  • Coding course Workbook/textbook

  • A 1-time class for Medical Terminology

  • A 1-time class for Anatomy and Physiology

  • 1-year access on the LMS portal

  • Exam prep tools, such as prep review materials

Heather Martinez, Owner of Coding with Confidence, L.L.C. in collaboration with Pam Kulczar of Jobs for American Medical Coders announces the creation of a scholarship program fund! 


How will I know if I’m awarded a scholarship?

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Recipients will hear from the Scholarship Committee through email upon receipt of their applications and/or when funds are available for a student to be awarded a scholarship. 

Who decides who receives a scholarship?